Monday, July 23, 2012

Supplier Review: My Sweet Avenue

I am very satisfied with My Sweet Avenue's work. The owner of My Sweet Avenue was a classmate of mine way back in elementary years.  I am very satisfied with his creation.  The cake was very cute and super yummy.  I ordered his best seller Chocolate cake.  His other best seller flavor is Raspberry, he also have Vanilla and Banana.  I was grateful to him because he accommodated me even if my order was just 5 days before the event.  Super duper thankful talaga.
Noah's Ark Cake with balloon arc
Detail of the animals were cute.

My Sweet Avenue's price is very affordable (or super mura) and the cake does not look cheap, and grabe, super moist and yummy talaga.  I've inquired with other cake maker, and he offer the best price so far.

Dimension of the cake -
12" by 4.5" - Chocolate Round Cake
10" by 6" - Styrofoam
Top Noah's Ark - Styrofoam

Edible Fondant.

Super duper recommended!!

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